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MSU Extension Forage Program

North Dakota Field Crop Insect Management Guide

High Plains Integrated Pest Management

Field & Crop Chemical Use Database

USDA Grazing Management and Soil Health

Plants Poisonous to Livestock in MT & WY

Dryland Pastures in MT & WY

Weeds of the West

Pasture & Grazing Management in the Northwest

Range & Pasture Weed ID Guide

Effectiveness of Modifying Fences to Exclude Ungulates from High-Value Livestock Pastures

Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands

Revegetation Guidelines

Forage Consumption Estimated AUM Conversion

A Guide for Planning, Analyzing and Balancing Forage & Livestock Demand

Weed Management on Small Acreage

Grass ID Basics

Montana Grasses App

Managing Weeds After Wildfire

After WIldfire: Information for Landowners

Pasture Management Resources

Drought Challenges and Strategies

Educational Webinars:

Revegetating Weed Infested Rangeland

Grasshoppers & Alfalfa Weevils

Hay U Webinar Series

2021 Drought Education Series

Invasive Grasses:

Ventenata/Houndstongue Update Webinar

Restoration of Annual Grass Invaded Landscapes

Identifying Invasive Annual Grasses

Identifying Ventenata in Early Summer

Invasive Grasses Quickguide

Invasive Grasses in Montana

Ventenata Montguide

Cheatgrass Montguide

Targeted Livestock Grazing to Suppress Cheatgrass

Bulbous Bluegrass Weed Report