Each year Sanders County 4-H families and the Sanders County 4-H Community join together at Acheivement day where they recognize and honor the current years 4-H award recipients. 

  • Member pins are given every other year on the odd number of years.
  • All first year members receive a certificate which allows space to stick a seal on it for each year they complete.
  • All members who completed a record book will recieve a large gold seal to place on their completed record book.
  • Members begin earning an extra award each year after completing their 7th year of club work.  
Member Year Pins Pin         Member Year Awards Award
1st Year Member Pin
3rd Year Member Pin
5th Year Member Pin
7th Year Member Pin
9th Year Member Pin
11th Year Member Pin
7th Year Member Award
8th Year Member Award
9th Year Member Award
10th Year Member Award
11th Year Member Award
Graduating Seniors
Key Ring
4-H Cinch Bag
Flash Drive or Cap
Book (4-H Stories from the Heart)
Insulated Flask (Thermos)
Honor Stole