SNAP-Ed offers nutrition education to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – formerly known as Food Stamps) participants and persons eligible to receive benefits in Silver Bow and Deer Lodge counties. SNAP-Ed provides resources and classes for both adults and youth.  SNAP-Ed participants are families with children, youth, seniors, singles, and individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the state. Series lessons or single demonstrations are presented with practical information and skill-building tips for choosing healthier foods, preparing meals, learning appropriate food safety practices, modeling good food choices for family members, and incorporating ways to be more physically active. The goal is to provide people with the opportunity to acquire skills that assist in choosing healthy lifestyles.

Investing in positive nutrition education programs such as SNAP-Ed in Silver Bow is a wise venture into the future well-being of our community.   Adult nutrition education classes, called Eating Smart, Being Active, have been held every two months in various local organizations, such as Head Start, Career Futures, Butte Emergency Food Bank, Legion Oasis, Boys and Girls Club, and Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council. SNAP-Ed has also coordinated with Farm to School programming, initiated school Wellness Committees, supported Walking to Wellness day, piloted the Great Garden Detective youth nutrition series, collaborated with Food Corps and Team Nutrition, led grocery store tours, held a savings and couponing event, supported parenting classes, and developed several other local wellness initiatives.

SNAP-Ed would like to focus on nutrition education in local Title One schools.  One of the initiatives that will continue to be pursued is working with NCAT (National Center for Appropriate Technology) to secure funding so that our local farmers’ markets may accept EBT cards and benefits. 

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