Good Deed/Outstanding Member Nomination Form

A successful fair cannot happen without dedicated members, leaders, volunteers and others willing to help out. We would like to recognize those individuals that make the Sweet Grass County Fair and 4-H program such a success.

In this effort, if you saw somebody do something special or go above & beyond please nominate them for this special recognition. This could be from someone helping you, you seeing someone helping others, someone going the extra mile to improve our 4-H program and/or Fair, etc…


Who you are:                                                                          Date:


Who you nominate:


Why you nominate this person/what they did:



When these are read at the Bash can we say your name as the person that nominated:
----------------- Yes          or     ---------------- No, I would like to be anonymous.


Nominees will be recognized at the Year End Bash!!!
Forms are due to the Extension Office by Oct 31st.

Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other.
In building up others, you build up yourself.

Good Deed/Outstanding Member Nomination Download Form