First Year Beef and Sheep Award -- 4-H Award in Memory of Ivan Brandt.  Sponsored by Virginia Steffenhagen and Dixie Shephard.  (Virginia 70613 County Road 4, Lake City MN 55041) Dixie Shephard, 40 Heather Lane, Glasgow.

This award is intended to encourage 1st year members to continue their project work in Beef/Sheep.    Recipients will be selected by the Beef and Sheep superintendents based on their enthusiasm for the project, interest in learning more about their project, and their cooperation with other members and leaders.  Award amount is $20 for each Beef and Sheep.

Ivan Brandt, a long time 4-H leader (1956–1979), had a deep understanding and everlasting love for livestock.   He was devoted to children and appreciated how the 4-H program provided a foundation for youth to learn animal husbandry skills through their 4-H livestock projects.  Ivan served as the Livestock Superintendent, which at that time included beef, sheep and swine, for many years. He took a special interest in those youth exhibiting livestock at the fair to share his knowledge and enhance their learning experience. 


Any 4-H or FFA member showing and declaring their animal Simmental influenced - being 50 percent or better and sired by Simmental bull - at the county fair level will receive a duffel bag.  This will be awarded for the Champion and/or Reserve Champion Market Steer.  The association also sends a hat to anyone that marks Simmental on their stall card. 


Charolais Sired Grand Champion

Overall Grand Champion Market Beef............ Belt Buckle           Grand Champion Carcass...................Belt Buckle


The Younkin Angus sponsors a Montana Silversmith Angus Belt Buckle, on the county level to the OUTSTANDING JUNIOR EXHIBITOR (anyone under age 21 years old) with a BLACK ANGUS HEIFER, COW, COW/CALF PAIR in the breeding project when so judged by the county agent, livestock committee or the judge in charge on that occasion.  The award may be announced at the fair, but the buckle might not be available until achievement Day unless the sponsor of the buckle is available at your fair, or for this first year, we get a buckle to you in time.

Some guidelines in selecting the winner are:

*Black Angus Breeding stock are eligible, Red Angus do not qualify

*The animal must win a blue ribbon in the show

*Quality of the exhibitor’s project must be considered

*Number of animals exhibited in that project & completed record system could be taken into consideration

*STEERS will NO LONGER be considered for this award

The above guidelines would be especially helpful in the event of a close decision.  Just because the buckle is available does not mean it has to be awarded.  This is a special award given by Black Angus producers.  If no one is deserving of the award, the award will be kept for next year.  The donor and the Angus Auxiliary appreciate hearing from the winner of this award.


The Montana Angus Association is offering a jacket award.  This award will be given to the winning Champion Black Angus Breeding Project.

To claim the jacket, the following guidelines must be met:

  1. Exhibitor must be a 4-H or FFA member only (an open class exhibit does not quality).
  2. The winner must have completed and won his/her class.
  3. The winner then must win an overall class against three (3) other breeds. (If there are not three (3) other breeds in an overall class, there will be no winner of the jacket).
  4. The winner must be straight bred BLACK ANGUS - - registered or commercial. (RED ANGUS does    not qualify).
  5. Exhibit maybe halter shown or a pen display.
  6. In a multi-county fair, EACH county has an opportunity to qualify for this award.
  7. Winner may be either in junior or senior division.
  8. If an individual wins this award at more than one fair, the Montana Angus Association will substitute a $100 savings bond for the second jacket.
  9. Qualifying breeding projects include: Cow/Calf Pairs, Yearling Bred Heifers, Heifer Calves, Bulls

Montana Red Angus Association will award a buckle to a Red Angus steer or female if the animal is Overall Champion or Reserve Champion of the breeding class, market class or carcass competition.  In order to win this award, the steer or female are to be the progeny of a registered Red Angus bull or out of a registered Red Angus cow and be at least 50% Red Angus.  Please contact the association at the end of your fair if the county has qualifiers. The presentation of the award is made at the MTRAA annual happenings.

BLACK ANGUS MARKET BEEF AWARD  -  donated by Galpin Angus Ranch - Glen & Stephanie Meier

Galpin Angus Ranch will award $100.00 to the highest placing Angus Market Beef, beginning with the Overall Champion and on down.  The animal must have a black coat of hair and be from a black Angus parent.  The award will be presented at the Valley County 4-H Awards Ceremony during the fair.


Animals must have 50 percent blood or better. Must be able to show proof of breeding.  If an individual wins in more than one area in a given year, they will only receive (1) belt buckle.

The following will receive a Belt Buckle:

Market Steer Overall Grand Champion

      Market Steer Overall Reserve Champion

      Carcass Grand Champion

      Carcass Reserve Champion


      Breeding Animal, Grand Champion

      Male or female of all breeds

      Breeding Animal, Reserve Champion,

      Male or female of all breeds



Contact:  Emily Shilling, Secretary, Montana Hereford Association, 488 Whitebird Creek Rd, Columbus, MT  59019

The Montana Hereford Association will award a Hereford Wind Breaker jacket to a county or multi-county Overall Grand Champion Steer of the live show if properly documented as a Hereford.

The Montana Hereford Association will award a Hereford Wind breaker jacket to a county or multi-county Top Steer of Merit or equivalent (i.e. in counties using ultrasound rather than actual plant measurements) if properly documented as being at least 50% Hereford ancestry.

The Montana Hereford Association will award a Hereford Wind Breaker jacket to a county or multi-county Supreme Champion Female or equivalent (i.e. over all breeds and ages showing if documented as being a purebred Hereford).

The Montana Hereford Association will award a certificate of Achievement to a county or multi-county Overall Champion Hereford Steer or Overall Champion Female if documented as being Hereford.


The Glasgow Stockyards, Inc. and Consolidated Veterinary Services LLP, Malta will be awarding individual prizes to the Champion & Reserve Champion 4-H animals in Market Beef.


Providing the highest placing Red Angus Market Beef sired by a Red Angus Bull and are red hided, the following awards will be presented:     Highest Placing Award         $50.00

      By:   Leland Red Angus, Melvin & Luella Leland

Todd and Carla Leland, 192 ND, HW 16N, Sidney, MT 59270      Phone:  (701) 565-2347  -  FAX (701) 565-2348

MARKET ANIMAL CARCASS CONTESTS: (Beef, Goats, Lambs and/or Swine) To be eligible for the carcass contest, animal must have been tagged and weighed at County Weigh-in.  Animal must also be weighed-in, exhibited and shown in 4-H/FFA market class, sold at the Valley County 4-H & FFA Livestock Sale and go directly to harvest as arranged by the livestock committee.

MARKET ANIMAL RATE OF GAIN CONTESTS:  (Beef, Lambs, and/or Swine)  To be eligible for the Rate of Gain Contest, animal must have been tagged and weighed at County weigh-in.  Animal must also be weighed-in, exhibited and shown in a 4-H/FFA market class at the Northeast Montana Fair.


The Farmer’s Elevator will award a lettered jacket to the 4-H member whose Market Beef has the best Average Daily Gain (ADG) - - To be eligible, your Market Beef had to be weighed at the designated county Weigh-In day.

MARKET BEEF CARCASS  -  Market Beef going to slaughter are automatically entered in CARCASS. One prize will be awarded to the grand champion.

Hi-Line Packing of Malta will award a MT Silversmith buckle to the top 4-H Beef Carcass.

AgWest Farm Credit of Glasgow

Provide three (3) cash awards to the top three Market Beef Carcasses:    1st $50.00;  2nd $35.00;  3rd $15.00

These checks are handed out at Valley County 4-H Awards Day in the fall.


Grand Champion placing Market Beef Carcass, sired by a Red Angus Bull and was red hided, the following award will be presented:

   $50 awarded by: Redland Red Angus  -  Bob & Shirley Redland, 88 Redland Ranch Lane, Hysham, MT 59038

The Montana Hereford Auxiliary will award $25.00 to the 4-H Top Steer of Merit, if Steer of Merit is sired by a properly registered Hereford Bull and a Champion Carcass.


A Steer of Merit certificate will be awarded to both the exhibitor and the breeder of all Market Beef which meet the minimum standard for Steer of Merit.  MAQA Certification is required. Certificates will be presented at the Valley County 4-H Awards Day in the fall.

PURPOSEOF STEER OF MERIT  -  To aid in the production of higher quality beef in Valley County by focusing attention to the end product, the beef carcass.  Although slight modification may be made in the minimum standards, by the Montana Stockgrower’s Association, the example below shows what data is necessary.

        MT Steer of Merit Criteria – current Beef Carcass Grading




Hot Carcass Weight

700 lbs.

1000 lbs.

Dressing %




.20 inches

.60 inches

Ribeye Area

11.5 inch

17.5 sq. inch or less

Yield Grade

3.99 or lower


Quality Grade

Choice minus

or better


% Cutability

51% or higher


Dark Cutter

None allowed


MAQA Certification



Beef Club Herdsman Award - The revolving club plaque IMO Theresa Shipp will be awarded to the club with the most herdsman points received.

RIBEYE AWARD sponsored by Cottonwood Inn   

Best Overall Female

      American Breeder Service – ABS Global is represented by  Jeff Hould, Box 1264, Malta, MT 59538         Phone 406-654-1116

A $25.00 award will be awarded in the 4-H Division by American Breeders Service for the “best overall female”. The female needs to be at least one (1) year old.

Blue Ribbons Award - 4-H Breeding Beef

      American Breeder Service - ABS Global is represented by Jeff Hould, Box 1264, Malta, MT 59538

$25.00 will be awarded to the 4-H member receiving the “most” blue ribbons in the 4-H breeding beef

project at the fair.