1. When an animal is brought in, fill out a livestock stall card. These are available from a livestock superintendent. Please print the information on your stall card so that the public viewing your exhibit can read it.
  2. Livestock must be clean and groomed for display to the public.
  3. Feed and water livestock regularly and exercise daily to remind animals of their training.
  4. Pens & Stalls are to be kept clean. Refer to 4-H Schedule for daily times, the cleaning of pens & stalls are to be completed by.  Check with Superintendents where to pile the manure for truck pick up.
  5. Tie cattle firmly and not too long a lead rope and to insure extra safety, they will also be tied with a neck rope.
  6. All alleys in all barns are to be kept clean for public.
  7. Ask questions of Department Superintendents.
  8. Cooperation among all 4-H members will make your exhibits successful.
  9. No animals beyond barn areas.
  10. No vehicles on the ground area.
  11. Exercise and training can be done in the Exercise Arena behind the Sheep barn.
  12. 4-H youth are encouraged to familiarize their livestock to the show arena prior to judging.
  13. Do not feed, groom, or tie up any livestock in the grassed showmanship arena and bleacher area.