To exhibit in this category, you must be currently enrolled in 4-H Cowboy Poetry project.  There is only one level in this project and it is self-paced.  Project books and records are not to be exhibited or judged.


Lot Number

  1. A poster showing what you have learned about Cowboy Poetry
  2. Display of at least three (3) original poems written by you during the current year.
  3. An educational display related to what you have learned about rhyme schemes or meter.
  4. An educational display about some of the classic cowboy poets
  5. An educational display about Western Culture or history, especially about your local area.
  6. Display of examples of cowboy poetry you have found in your local library.
  7. A photo story of your participation in a cowboy poetry gathering.
  8. A photo story showing you teaching others to write and recite their own original poetry.
  9. Any education display related to what you have learned in this project.