CROPS  --  Department  SG


Lot Number

  1. Display related to your visit to a bakery
  2. Collection of various products made from small grains
  3. Display telling about visit to a local livestock feed store
  4. Poster with a labeled cereal plant attached
  5. Display of germinated seeds
  6. Exhibit showing the nine stages of plant growth
  7. Collection of small grains in containers
  8. Display of various varieties of small grains
  9. Display of a spring and winter cereal grain
  10. Display showing the differences in seed quality
  11. Exhibit of germinated seeds from exercise 10
  12. Display with different seed varieties and their resistant
  13. Display showing the effects of different planting depths
  14. Collection of soil types
  15. Display showing growing plants in different soil types
  16. Display presenting small grain diseases
  17. Display showing small grain insect pests
  18. Display identifying weeds
  19. Collection of small grain pests
  20. Exhibit showing how to determine field acreages
  21. Display showing how to determine small grain harvest loss
  22. Display how to determine the volume of storage structures
  23. Present a marketing plan
  24. Display a balance sheet of small grain prices over time
  25. Show how production costs are determined
  26. Exhibit related to careers related to crops
  27. Plant press