EXPLORING  4-H  Department -  EXP


Lot Number

  1. Exploring the Treasures of 4-H project book
  2. Handwritten copy of 4-H pledge
  3. Collection of 4-H information – scrapbook, journal or display including colors, slogans, mottos, etc.
  4. Explanation of what the 4-H pledge means to member
  5. Treasure box of you
  6. Home Sweet Home – scrapbook, journal, display, or drawing related to your home and who lives there
  7. Friends Are Treasure – A list of your friends and information about them
  8. Neighborhood – Display, scrapbook, journal, or drawing related to your neighborhood
  9. Map – With markings of where you have visited, where your parents have visited and places, you’d like to visit
  10. Collection of 4-H information – about local clubs or members
  11. A list, display or drawing of 4-H projects that are available that interests you
  12. 4-H Collage with clover and pictures that relate to each “H”