4-H Interview Judging

All 4-H Animal Project Books should be entered in 4-H Department PB, Class 200.  Please refer to index. 

Interview judging will be done in all project areas, except live animals.  All items that you are planning on exhibiting in these areas must have a 4-H entry blank submitted to the Extension Office by JULY 17, 2023.  You must also sign up on the interview judging time schedule which is at the office.

All 4-H Animal Project Books should be entered in 4-H Department PB, Class 200.  Please refer to fairbook index. 

NOTE:   In regards to all livestock (beef, sheep, goats, swine, horses, rabbits & poultry), if seven (7) activities are not completed in the 4-H Project Manuals, the 4-H’er will be asked to meet with a designated committee and if no corrective action is taken by the member, they will not be allowed to show their market livestock animal (beef, sheep, swine, poultry) at the fair.

What Is Interview Judging?

Interview Judging is one method of helping you evaluate your work.  It involves the 4-H member (you) having a consultation with the judge during the judging of the exhibit.

Together you evaluate the project or part of a project, basing the evaluation both on a pre-determined standard or criteria, and on goals of the member in doing the project.

Interview judging of projects in 4-H merely means that the 4-H member and the adult or judge have the opportunity to go over the article to be evaluated.  Together they decide how much progress has been made or in what ribbon classification it should be placed.

With interview judging, each individual has the opportunity to determine his/her own starting point, take note of the progress he/she feels he/she has made, and set the direction of his/her future growth.

Parents are not allowed in building during judging.

Please make sure you have entry tags attached to all your exhibits before you come to the fair.  These are available in the Extension Office.

If you do not know your 4-H Exhibitor Number call the Extension Office at 228-6241. 

If you have never been interview judged, ask a leader, older 4-H member how it works, or call the Extension Office.


  1. 4-H member takes his/her own exhibit to the judge.
  2. Member and judge sit down together to discuss article.
  3. Discuss and evaluate article.
  4. Judge and member decide on placing.
  5. Discussion on ways to improve project for next year.
  6. Receive ribbon
  7. Be sure and return judging sheet to check-in desk.

The 4-H Council awards a trophy to the top seven exhibits in the 4-H Quonset.