Member in Good Standing Criteria

These expectations must be met by fair time in order to enter projects in the fair:

  1. Member must be enrolled in 4-H and have paid their dues.
  2. Member must attend at least three club meetings during the 4-H year. For new members, that didn’t join at the beginning of the year they must attend 50% of the meetings from the time that they joined.
  3. Each member must log 10 hours of community service each year with a minimum of three hours at the county level in order to exhibit at the fair. The Extension Office will keep a log of those that participate in county level service and club leaders will need to keep a log for hours served with their clubs.
  4. Record books must be up to date at the time of their fair interview for all projects.
  5. Each member must attend at least two county level activities.
  6. Each member must participate in a demonstration at their club or county level. If they have not done this by fair time, they will be required to sign up for a demonstration at the fair.

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