1. Entries in this department are exclusively for boys and girls between the ages of 6 -19 who are generally enrolled members with records and project work in good standing with 4-H clubs in Valley County. (See section below on this page - Member in Good Standing Criteria.)
  2. All entries are to be made on 4-H entry blanks which can be obtained by calling or writing the Valley County Extension Office, 501 Court Square, Box 12, Glasgow. These entry blanks should be sent to the Valley County Extension Office no later than JULY 17, 2024.
  3. You must also sign up for an interview judging time at the Extension Office.
  4. When filling out your entry blanks on the 4-H entry forms, please use a separate blank for livestock and a separate blank for the 4-H Quonset exhibits.
  5. Bring exhibits for interview judging to the Valley Event Center. Interview Judging will be held August 5 starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Valley Event Center. Following interview judging you will take your exhibits to the 4-H building to be kept there until 4:00 pm SATURDAY, AUGUST 10.  Exhibits may be removed starting at 4:00 pm Saturday, August 10 (except where specified).  This does not include livestock.  Check with department superintendents prior to loading or removing any animals.  There will be no early removal of fair entries, except for veterinarian reasons, or prize money will not be paid.
  6. All 4-H exhibits will be judged by the group award system of placing according to the quality of the exhibit. Qualifying exhibits will be judged in three groups.  First - Blue Ribbon, Second - Red Ribbon, Third - White Ribbon group.  If no exhibit in a lot merits a blue ribbon, none will be given.
  7. 4-H members may exhibit only in the project in which they are currently enrolled. If members wish to exhibit in classes other than those which they are enrolled, they may compete in open class.  Those competing in open class must fill out open class blanks.
  8. All out of county 4-H members who wish to enter exhibits at the Valley County 4-H & FFA must do so under open class. See open class rules.
  9. Premiums will be paid according to the official award entered in the Judge’s Record and NOT on premium tags or ribbons. The Judge’s record shall be final.  Be sure to turn in your judging sheet following interview judging.
  10. No premium will be awarded for an exhibit not listed on the official entry blank.
  11. No 4-H entry blanks will be accepted once interview judging has begun.