Each 4-H member who completes a record book by the due date will earn the Gold Seal of Excellence award.  How do you earn this?  Just do the following:

  • Complete all projects enrolled in: (enrolled in at least one project)
  • Come up with at least three (3) goals for you to accomplish during the 4-H year.  What do you want to do this year?
  • Complete the My 4-H Year (2FM263) journal form (green)
  • Participate in at least three (3) 4-H activities such as judging, demonstrations, public speeches, tours, reports at club meetings and record them in the appropriate section in My 4-H Year (2FM263)
  • List any awards and honors you receive
  • Fill in each of your record journals with the things you do throughout the year (at least three goals listed per project)
  • Complete the non-animal Project & Financial Journal (2FM264) for each project you were enrolled in. (blue)
  • If you own an animal, keep records for it-no matter what type it is.  Fill in all the appropriate parts of the Animal Record Journal (2FM265). (orange)

Keeping records is a great way to hold onto your memories about each incredible year you have in 4-H.  In a couple of years, you can look back on these journals and remember what fun you had.

Keeping records is also a great way to develop your skills in communicating, organizing your time, documenting events and actions, evaluating your own efforts, setting goals, solving problems, keeping track of money.

Records are like journals - - they are a way to keep track of what you do and when you do it.  Think of your records like an entry book, kept regularly.  Even daily if you want to keep track each day.  The important point is:

****When something important happens write it down****

You are doing this for yourself.  What do you want to remember about your year in 4-H?  It will be your record of progress.  Remember these are your records.  Make them fun.  Make them yours.  Make them creative.  Make them memorable.  Add pages as you need them.  Design your own unique page.  Put them on computer.  Add to your records so that they become your scrapbook.  Add photographs.

What’s the best way to assemble your records?  There are three major record forms.  At the minimum, you will need the first two journal forms.  If you own any kind of animal (including a pet), you’ll need all three forms.  Get copies of all the 4-H record forms.

Assembling Your Journals - -

My 4-H Year (only one form each year) #2FM263   (green)

Project Journal (one for each non-animal project you carry) #2FM264  (blue)

Animal Record (one for each animal project) #2FM265  (orange)