nomination form available as PDF

Valley County 4-H Award of Excellence

2023 Application/Nomination Form

Due to Extension Office by October 2 (first Monday in October)

 A separate application is required for each area of nomination.

 Please include your 4-H Record book and Project book for the 2022-2023 4-H year with this application/nomination form.


4-H Member Name:       

Award Area:                   

Year in 4-H:  

ear in Project of Nomination:   

4-H Club:  


Please explain why you or this member deserves this Award of Excellence.  (You may include comments about leadership, community service, involvement in club/county activities, etc).  If project related, summarize how the project excelled above and beyond completion.





















Signature: ______________________________________         Date: _________

                                        (person applying or nominating)