It is mandatory that sheep and goats are tagged with a USDA scrapie tag.


  1. It is recommended sheep be treated for parasites before entry day.
  2. Read the pesticide label, withdrawal time is generally 30 days before slaughter.
  3. Any entries found with external parasites may be disqualified.
  4. No storing of sheep stands, hay, grain, grooming tools, etc. in sheep pens or alley way of the barn. Keep area neat.
  5. No plastic twine allowed in barn.
  6. All entries, including a “pen of three market and a flock” are to be shown in the show ring.
  7. Refer to overall livestock exhibit rules, livestock building rules, livestock sale rules, large animal showmanship rules and 4-H Code of Ethics.
  8. The preferred method of docking is to NOT BODY DOCK (leave flaps of skin at the base of the tail when docking).
  9. All entries will be veterinarian inspected entry day.
  10. Sheep to be trained to be handled and shown by the head. When showing a sheep, the sheep’s front feet must remain on the ground while shown, except for setting feet.


  1. Entries limited to wether or ewe lambs born January 1, of current year or later. Cryptorchidism in wethers will be disqualified.  Milk (baby) teeth must be in place.
  2. Market Lambs shall be tagged and weighed at the Valley County 4-H spring scheduled weigh-in/tag-in day of current year. Lambs shall also be shorn by the weigh-in/tag-in day.  Superintendents will make arrangements for shearing, fees to be paid by the member.  Members can tag up to 2 (two) lambs, but one 1 (one) can be entered as a 4-H Market Lamb.
  3. At entry day weigh-in, Market Lambs are required to weigh a minimum of 100 pounds to be eligible to show in the market class and sell at the Valley County 4-H & FFA Livestock Sale.  A feeder class will be created for market lamb projects which do not make weight.
  4. Market Lambs will be judged according to weight, condition, cut ability and conformation.
  5. The Sheep Superintendent may divide the market lamb class by weight if necessary.
  6. Refer to Livestock Sale Rules.

Fitting Requirement for Valley County 4-H & FFA - -

        Must be shorn by weigh-in/tag-in day

        Recommendation: Slick shorn 1 - 10 days before show

               NOTE: Fitting is left up to the exhibitor.


  1. All breeding sheep to be in the possession of the exhibitor by May 15, of current year. The Exhibitor to be the primary caretaker and trainer.
  2. Sheep entered in breeding classes will be judged upon breed characteristics, quality conformation and development for age.
  3. Fitting Requirement for Valley County 4-H & FFA Show - - Must not have over 12 month’s fleece growth.

Recommendation: Contact the Extension Office for breed preference or contact your breed association.

NOTE:  Fitting is left up to the exhibitor.  Suggest contacting your breed association for information.


Lot Number

  1. One Market Lamb.
  2. Pen (3) Market Lambs. Only one of these can be entered as an individual Market Lamb if the exhibitor does not have an animal in Lot #2.

4-H Grand Champion Market Lamb................... Rosette

4-H Reserve Champion Market Lamb.................Rosette

BREEDING SHEEP - -PUREBRED (Registered and Non-Registered)

ZSH  --  Class 33 - Rambouillet

ZSH  --  Class 34 - Columbia

ZSH  --  Class 35 - Hampshire

ZSH  --  Class 36 - Targhee

ZSH  --  Class 37 - Suffolk

ZSH  --  Class 38 - Polypay

ZSH  --  Class 39 - Dorset

ZSH  --  Class 40 - Any OtherPurebred

NOTE:  Class 40 - Any other - - Exhibitor may enter more than one entry in "Any Other" as long as the breed is not duplicated or entered in Classes 33 to 39.


ZSH  --  Class 41 – Crossbred

NOTE:  Class 41, Crossbred – Exhibitor may enter more than one entry in “Crossbred” provided the cross breeding is not duplicated.

Lot Number

  1. Ram Lamb
  2. Yearling Ram
  3. Ram - 2 and over
  4. Ewe Lamb
  5. Yearling Ewe
  6. Ewe – 2 and over
  7. Flock - pen of 3 - - 1 ram and 2 ewes of the same breed
  8. Dam and Daughter - any age - must be shown in individual classes first.

The following will receive a Rosette in each class:

Grand Champion Ram               Reserve Champion Ram

Grand Champion Ewe                Reserve Champion Ewe

Champion Flock                         Res Champion Flock


The following will receive a Rosette:

Overall Breeds Grand and Reserve Champion Ram   

Overall Breeds Grand and Reserve Champion Ewe

Overall Breeds Grand and Reserve Champion Flock

Overall Breeds Grand and Reserve Champion Dam & Daughter