Anyone can nominate a member (a leader, parent, other members or members can nominate themselves).  Use a separate nomination form for each award area.


  • Any project area - Example: Beef, Foods, Leather, Horticulture, etc.
  • Citizenship - Definition:  Learning about and/or participating in government at any level (club, school, county, state or national).  Community Service Projects fit here also.
  • Leadership - Definition:  Demonstrating an effort to improve your own personal leadership abilities by participating in opportunities to increase your leadership skills.(examples: attend a leadership workshop, attend 4-H Council meetings, helping younger members, etc.)
  • Conservation - Definition:  Learning and/or achievement that protects, develops, and/or conserves our natural resources.
  • Health - Definition:  Participating or leading opportunities to learn more about community/self-health issues. Concentrating on opportunities for yourself and others to increase knowledge about total health issues. Participate in healthy life styles and habits.
  • Achievement - Definition:  Excelling in personal growth by meeting your 4-H goals.
  • Safety - Definition:  Improving your awareness in all areas of safety.  Could include animal, personal, community and global.
  • Outstanding 4-H First Year -  Definition:  Those first year members who have gone far and beyond the average    4-H member as they begin projects and learn about 4-H.
  • Outstanding Organizational Leader - A leader has gone far and beyond the call of duty for you or your club.
  • Outstanding Resource Person - Definition:  Can be a 4-H or non-4-H person who helped teach something in 4-H.
  • Friend of 4-H - A contributor, either business or individual who donates time, money, places to meet, anything extra that should be recognized.
  • Outstanding Alumni - Definition:  A former 4-H member who has had a positive influence on the 4-H values and tradition.


  • Each member must have earned a Gold Seal on their Record Book before the nomination can be received. 
  • Completed nomination form turned in at the Extension Office by due date.
  • The Award Committee will review the “Award of Excellence” nominations to make award selections.
  • Winners will be recognized at Award/Fun Day scheduled in the fall.
  • More than one award may be given in each area.
  • No award will be given if a standard of excellence is not achieved.
  • Outstanding achievement can be given to an entire club for a specific club project or activity.