Research based programs to improve overall health and wellness through a variety of physical activity options.  Group classes, at-home individual workouts, and general physical fitness information is available here and through the MSU Extension office serving your county.  


group balance exercise class outside

Strong People

Group strength training classes for ages 45+
tai ji quan

Tai Ji Quan

Moving for better balance

group stretching

Community Programs

Fitness options available online or in your community for all ages


Woman with resistance band

Resistance Band Workout

A great quick full-body exercise routine you can do anywhere!   


Physical Activity: The Different Types, How Much You Need and Its Health Benefits

Physical Activity MontGuide Videos

Aerobic, Strength, and Mobility & Balance exercise videos.


Physical Activity MontGuide Cover Image

Physical Activity MontGuide to View, Download and/or Print

Digital Copy of the Physical Activity MontGuide