Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Bee sitting on orange flower.

April 29th (6:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

A lecture on "Creating Backyard Habitats for Pollinators" with Abi Saeed

Location: Missoula County Extension (Missoula)

RSVP by contacting Missoula County Horticulture Agent, Patrick Mangan

Bee sitting on yellow flower.

May 7th (9:00 am - 10:00 am)

A lecture on "The Buzz about Bee-Friendly Landscape Practices" with Abi Saeed.

Location: Cashman Nursery (Bozeman)

Bee peeking out of a nest in the soil.

June 15th 

A workshop on gardening topics including "Soil Health", "Pruning", and "Pollinators" featuring Dr. Mac Burgess and Abi Saeed.

Location: Redman Orchard (Whitehall)

Bee sitting on pink flower.

June 21st

A lecture on "Gardening for Pollinators" with Abi Saeed.

Location: Billings

Recent News and Events

A bumblebee sipping on nectar from a pink flower

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Image of Abi Saeed answering a question on Montana Ag Live.

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