Other Websites

  • AgEconMT: ​ Provides timely and relevant information that will enable agricultural producers in the northern Great Plains to better understand the economic issues that affect their businesses and communities.
  • Agricultural Land Leasing:  Looking to get started with a new lease or re-negotiating one that has expired?  Published lease rate statistics, calculation tools, and guides are listed below to help.
  • Agricultural Marketing Policy Center:   Provides applied research and education, including extension education on agricultural marketing and related policy issues for informed decision-making by farm and ranch managers, public decision makers in rural communities and in local and state agencies, state legislators, and congressional delegations in Montana and the Northern Plains and Rockies Region.
  • Economic of Agricultural Reports:  This study examines agricultural land use, finance (including revenues, expenses, and taxation), producer profiles, and agriculture production’s impact on jobs and gross state product for each county in Montana.
  • Electric Vehicle Adoption in Montana:  Understanding Opportunities and Issues:  The purpose of this webinar series was to help consumers, educators, policy makers, government officials, and others understand opportunities and issues resulting from the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Farm Management Resources
  • Solid Finances Webinar SeriesThe series is designed to provide adults with an unbiased resource for enhancing their personal financial skills.