We value you as part of our community and want to make your transition to Montana State as smooth as possible.

Crowd celebrates indigenous people's day

A crowd celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day at Montana State University. Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/MSU.


To acknowledge and honor the tradition of the land-grant university, Montana State University is committed to developing and sustaining a culture of inclusion, social justice and diversity.

- MSU’s Diversity Statement from the Diversity and Inclusion Framework


Your Contract

  • New faculty orientation
  • Learning Management tool
  • Start and end dates

Your Paycheck

  • Biweekly pay cycle
  • When will you get your first check?

Your Employment

  • Faculty Onboarding
  • Information about benefits

Your First Day

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • In class
  • In lab/studio/etc.
  • Advising students 

Making Connections 

  • To other Faculty
  • To the Community
  • To the Writing Center
  • To the MSU Library

Your Development

  • Early Career Success Program
  • Mentoring
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Resources

Faculty Handbook

  • Faculty Information Tool - Activity Insight
  • Annual Reviews
  • Retention, Tenure and Promotion
  • Course Evaluations

Your MSU

  • Learn about MSU
  • MSU's Strategic Plan
  • MSU Brand and University Communications
  • Facts and Stats

Work-Life Amenities

  • Parking and Public Transportation
  • Family Care
  • Health Care
  • Dining
  • Biking on campus

Your Voice in Campus Life

  • Faculty Senate
  • Community Resources
  • Associated Students of Montana State University
  • Leadership and Organizational Structure

Your Scholarship

  • External Grants
  • Internal Funding
  • Grant-Writing Support
  • Publication Support

Student Success and Engagement

  • Supporting your students
  • Native American Resource Directory
  • Graduate students
  • Student Engagement
  • Mental Health Needs
  • Early Alert Program