Directions for Senators

  • A reminder email will be sent a day or two ahead of the meeting. In that email, you will have the necessary information for joining the meeting. Since Faculty Senate meetings are open meetings, please feel free to share the link with members of your departments and programs.
  • Plan to join the meeting a few minutes before it officially
  • Please ensure you are muted upon entry to the You will stay muted for most of the meeting except to vote and during discussion times.
  • If you wish to make a comment, answer a question, or have a question to ask, you may unmute yourself and speak. Please state your name so that those on phones know who is Once you are finished, please be sure to re-mute yourself to reduce background noise during the meeting.
  • We ask that if you make or second a motion, you also state your name for the
  • If you are dropped from the meeting for any reason, please rejoin the meeting with the same link you initially used to at the start of the
  • If you need to step away from the meeting momentarily, you can turn off your video and ensure you are muted. When you return, you may turn your video back