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EAP and Work-Life Services

An Overview for Employees    


Life presents us with challenges at work and at home on a daily basis. You do not have to face these challenges alone, even if you’re far away.


The EAP Can Help with Almost Any Issue

EAP benefits are available to all employees and their families at NO COST to you. Help is just a phone call away. The EAP offers confidential advice, support, and practical solutions to real-life issues. You can access these confidential services by calling the toll-free number and speaking with a consultant.


EAP Services for Employees and Families

  • 24-hour Crisis Help: toll-free access for you or a family member experiencing a crisis.
  • In-person Counseling: up to 4 face-to-face counseling sessions for relationship and family issues, stress, anxiety, and other common challenges.
  • RBH eAccess: convenient access to online consultations with licensed counselors.


Online Resources at ibhsolutions.com

  • ibhsolutions.com: the EAP includes access to online tools and educational resources to help make life easier.


Monthly Newsletters

Wellness resources 


Self-directed courses


Healthy Recipes

Current health news+movies

Strees tools

Financial calculators

Legal resources

Retirement planning resources

Tip sheets

Child/elder care locators

  • Lunch & Learn Webinars: free monthly supervisor and employee webinars are followed by a live Q + A. Go to ibhsolutions.com and click the Webinars link to sign up or view past webinars via the RBH YouTube link.


Access Counseling and Benefit Information
CALL 866-750-1327
WEBSITE ibhsolutions.com

- Select Members from the top right corner
- Click on the RBH logo
- Enter your Access Code: MUS
- Click the My Benefits button


Your EAP provides a wide range of work-life balance services to help you survive a variety of challenges.

  • Childcare Services: childcare professionals provide information and support on parenting, school issues, adoption, college planning, teenager challenges, summer camps, daycare, and other important issues for parents.
  • Adult and Eldercare Services: specialists assist in finding quality information and services including transportation, meals, exercise, activities, prescription drug information, in-home care, daytime care, and housing.
  • Legal Services: access a free, half-hour consultation, by phone or in person, for any non-work related issue, followed with a 25% discount in legal fees.
  • Financial Help: 30 consecutive days of free phone consultations for debt counseling, budgeting, college/retirement planning, and taxes, including 25% off certified public accountant services for tax preparation.
  • Mediation Services: request free consultations for personal, family, and non-work related issues such as divorce, neighbor disputes, or real estate.
  • Online Legal Forms: create, save, print, and revise online legal forms including wills, contracts, leases, and many more.
  • Home Ownership Program: get free support and information about making smarter choices when shopping for a new home, making financing decisions, relocating, or selling a home.
  • Identity Theft Services: access support in planning the recovery process or restoring your identity and credit after an incident.
  • College Planning Program: access a free 15-minute consultation with a college planning specialist to assist with SAT/ACT prep, scholarships, grants, financial aid and other college related issues followed by a 30%discount in program fees.


EAP Services + Support for Supervisors

Managing people can be challenging. All supervisors have fast access to phone consultations, trainings about the EAP and management topics such as:

Critical incidents

Drug-free workplace

Making employee referrals

Organizational development

Education and training

Conflicts in the workplace


To Access EAP Services Call: 866-750-1327

Access Counseling and Benefit Information 
CALL 866-750-1327 
WEBSITE ibhsolutions.com

- Select Members from the top right corner
- Click on the RBH logo
- Enter your Access Code: MUS
- Click the My Benefits button


Your EAP benefit is provided by your employer and delivered by Reliant Behavioral Health (RBH, an IBH Company).