Faculty Senate Resolution on Climate


The Faculty Senate of Montana State University (MSU) recognizes climate change as one of the most significant challenges facing Montana and the world. As our state’s Land Grant institution, it is our obligation to be leaders in building a sustainable future. We support the efforts of MSU’s administration and the Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC) to reduce our carbon footprint and call on our entire university community to continue taking meaningful and measurable steps to mitigate the anthropogenic causes and impacts of climate change.


Therefore, be it resolved that, we, the Faculty Senate of MSU:


  1. Acknowledge the urgency of the climate crisis and strengthen our commitment to taking bold climate action by joining communities and other post-secondary institutions worldwide in declaring a Climate Emergency.
  2. Support the MSU Campus Sustainability Framework developed by CSAC, including development and annual reporting of an institutional Climate Action Plan. 
  3. Encourage faculty to support existing curricula and the development of new curricula focusing on the challenges of the climate change problem and equip all MSU students with the perspective and skillsets needed to confront the climate crisis.


Resolved by the Montana State University Faculty Senate on December 08, 2021