A pritable PDF of this information can be found here. 


Faculty Senate Meeting (SUB Ballroom B)


3:10pm – 4:30pm


Please wear a mask.

I.            Call to Order

II.            Attendance Reminder

III.            Approval of FS Minutes from September 29, 2021

IV.            FYI items

a.       Dyslexia & Innovation Conference Oct 28 & 29

i.      www.montana.edu/dxi

b.       A Seat at the Table October 18 SUB Ballroom B

i.      http://www.montana.edu/ehhd/a-seat-at-the-table.html 

c.       Faculty Excellence Grants due Nov 15

i.      https://www.montana.edu/facultyexcellence/grantsawards/feg/ 

d.       2022 Awards of Excellence, submissions due November 02, 2021

i.      https://www.montana.edu/provost/faculty/awards/index.html 

e.       Box Migration, no longer available in March 2022

i.      https://www.montana.edu/uit/boxtransition/ 

f.        Honorary Degree Nominations due Oct 29

i.      https://www.montana.edu/calendar/events/39034

g.       Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences internal grants

i.      Scholarship & Creativity Grants Program, due October 2, 2021 and March 1, 2022 https://www.montana.edu/research/internal_awards/s_and_c_grants_fy2022.html 

ii.      Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Grant Program, due March 1, 2022 https://www.montana.edu/research/internal_awards/hass_rfp2022.html

h.       Senator Hour, Monday 11-12 and Thursday 10:30-11:30 via WebEx

V.            Information Updates: 

a.       Committee Requests

i.      Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board

b.       Email Policy

c.       Athletics Update – Leon Costello, Jamie Rizzuto and George Haynes

d.       Research Update – Jason Carter

e.       Sustainability Framework – Julia Haggerty and Kristin Blackler

VI.            Undergraduate Courses and Programs

a.       Courses – First Reading

i.      ASTR 372 : Stars and the Milky Way (Spring 2022)

ii.      GRMN 396 : Service Learning (Spring 2022)

iii.      HVC 145 : HVAC-R Welding, Brazing and Pipe Joining (Spring 2022)

v.      PLUM 170 : Plumbing Codes (Spring 2022)

b.       Courses – Second Reading

i.      ACT 241 : Introduction to Paddlesports (Spring 2022)

ii.      ACT 242 : Introduction to Ice Climbing (Spring 2022)

iii.      HONR 400 : Death Becomes Us: The Mystery of Mortality and the Need for Meaning (Spring 2022)

iv.      HVC 125 : Environmental Protection Agency 608 Certification (Spring 2022)

v.      HVC 130 : HVAC-R Electrical (Spring 2022)

vi.      HVC 140 : HVAC Systems I (Spring 2022)

vii.      HVC 150 : HVAC Installation and Sheet Metal Fabrication (Spring 2022)

viii.      HVC 155 : Blueprint Reading and Wiring Schematics (Spring 2022)

c.       Programs – First Reading

i.      None at this time.

VII.            Graduate Courses and Programs 

a.       Courses – First Reading

i.      None at this time

b.       Courses – Second Reading

i.      CSCI 565 : Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing-INACTIVATION

c.       Programs / Certificates – First Reading

i.      None at this time

d.       Programs – First Reading

i.      BCHM-MS : Master of Science in Biochemistry-ACCELERATED VERSION OF AN EXISTING PROGRAM

ii.      CHEM-MS : Master of Science in Chemistry-ACCELERATED VERSION OF AN EXISTING PROGRAM

e.       Programs – Second Reading

i.      PMHC-CERT : Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate

VIII.            Senators’ Open Conversation

 IX.            Public Comment

X.            Adjourn