• Provide consistent, accurate information and reports to units (Academic colleges, student & administrative service divisions, research centers & institutes, athletics and institutional service divisions across all of MSU)
    • Establish true partnership through transactional service excellence and provision of reliable data and information
    • Dedicated customer service
  • Provide consistent, accurate information to central offices (University Business Services, Office of Sponsored Programs, University Budget Office)

    • Create common understanding and buy-in
    • Train campus on consistent processes
  •  Provide back-up and support—ensuring teamwork and retention of institutional knowledge
    • Ensure consistent staffing even in transition and on-boarding

In addition, Fiscal Shared Services has created a culture in which we:

  • Enable client department staff to focus on their primary mission
  • Professionally develop fiscal process experts to handle higher volumes more quickly with fewer errors
  • Ensure compliance with policies and regulations
  • Focus on process improvements
  • Provide career opportunities and community for MSU’s fiscal employees
If you are interested in learning more about Fiscal Shared Services, please contact Ben Dahlke, (406) 994-5526