• Provide consistent, accurate information and reports to units (Academic colleges, student & administrative service divisions, research centers & institutes, athletics and institutional service divisions across all of MSU)
    • Establish true partnership through transactional service excellence and provision of reliable data and information
    • Dedicated customer service
  • Provide consistent, accurate information to central offices (University Business Services, Office of Sponsored Programs, University Budget Office)

    • Create common understanding and buy-in
    • Train campus on consistent processes
  •  Provide back-up and support—ensuring teamwork and retention of institutional knowledge
    • Ensure consistent staffing even in transition and on-boarding

In addition, Fiscal Shared Services has created a culture in which we:

  • Enable client department staff to focus on their primary mission
  • Professionally develop fiscal process experts to handle higher volumes more quickly with fewer errors
  • Ensure compliance with policies and regulations
  • Focus on process improvements
  • Provide career opportunities and community for MSU’s fiscal employees
If you are interested in learning more about Fiscal Shared Services, please contact Christina Fournier, Director of Fiscal Shared Services, (406) 994-4338, [email protected].