2021-2022 Cohort

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Montana Map placing Hardin High school

Journey Erickson

Hardin, MT

Major: Nursing

"I wanted to come to MSU, because I felt it provided me with the best opportunity to study nursing. GEAR UP has helped me by providing me with school supplies, and connections to resources around the school. I love to hike, run, and cross country ski, but most of all sit inside and watch netflix for hours on end. "

Journey Erickson is a GEAR UP student from Hardin, MT

Emily Pease from Lodge Grass, MT

Emily Pease

Lodge Grass, MT

Major: Agricultural Education

"I love being around Agriculture and I am excited to learn more about it and share that knowledge with others. I love Bozeman because it feels a lot like home. Iam excited to be back in class as well as experience the amazing opportunity that MSU provides."


Montana Map: Lodge Grass Public Schools



Bailey Milendar is from Superior Public School in Superior MT

Bailey Milender

Superior, MT

Major: Anthropology

"GEAR UP has helped me both in college and in high school. I was able to get in touch with many helpful resources here at MSU when I was in high school because of GEAR UP. If I had questions about college life, finances, opportunities or really anything I always felt that I could rely on the GEAR UP office here at MSU to help answer those questions."


Bailey Milendar is a 2020 Superior High School Graduate

Isaac O'Rourke From Libby, MT

Issac O'Rourke

Libby, MT

Major: Mechanical Engineering

"Growing up in a GEAR UP school, I was able to see the college campus life from a young age and realized that through GEAR UP, anyone can make it to college if they want to. Since being in college, Isaac says that GEAR UP has been a huge help in his studies so far."




Libby High School in Libby, MT



Map of Montana highlighting Hardin High School

Darby Wells

Hardin, MT

Major: Business-Finance

"Here at MSU, GEAR UP has helped me feel as though I have a support system. In both high school and college., having people keep up with how I'm doing is really reassuring."

 Darby Wells from Hardin, MT


Sally Weber from Libby, MT

Sally Weber

Libby, MT

Major: Mechanical Engineering

"In high school, GEAR UP provided a lot of information about college that has been super helpful. I was able to choose MSU with their help. I was inspired to attend college by my parents who both went to college. I am driven to graduate in order to work in a career field that I am passionate about."





Libby, Montana



Lodge Grass, Montana

Visara Whitemanrunshim

Lodge Grass, MT

Major: Psychology

"I desire to show the younger generation there can be more to life. GEAR UP has helped me in my first year of college through encouraging mental health, helping register for classes, and encouraging success."

Visara Whitemanrunshim from Lodge Grass, MT

Thomas Tanner from Arlee, MT

Thomas Tanner

Arlee, MT

Major: Industrial Engineering

"I decided to come to Montana State because of the program that is offered here for Industrial Engineering and because of the beautiful scenic landscape that is visible throughout all of Bozeman. GEAR UP gave me the information and resources I needed to choose a college. Without it I wouldn't have any idea where I would want to go."


Arlee is a GEAR UP MT school