Headshot of Eric

Eric Sproles

Eric earned his PhD in Water Resources Science at Oregon State University, applying a range of geo-spatial tools and models to better understand climate impacts on snowpack. His curiosity of all things geo-spatial blossomed during his MSc at the University of Oregon where he worked in the InfoGraphics Lab.  Eric also leads the Geospatial Snow Water & Ice Resources Lab (GeoSWIRL) at MSU. 

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Picture of Jackson

Jackson Rose

Assistant Director and Geospatial Analyst
Born and raised in Montana, Jackson is a certified GIS professional (GISP) who earned a master's degree from MSU in 2020. Jackson's research looked at rural communities that host large-scale underground mining projects, with a focus on non-regulatory agreements between communities and international mining companies.

In addition to teaching responsibilities within the department of Earth Sciences, Jackson's role includes implementing and overseeing geo-spatial research projects in collaboration with various public and private organizations.

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Photo of Scott

Scott Powell

Assistant Director

Scott is an ecologist who leverages geo-spatial data and tools to investigate a wide range of topics including forest ecology, precision agriculture, ecosystem dynamics, invasive species, and land use change. His teaching covers remote sensing, landscape ecology, and environmental science. He earned his PhD in Ecology from Montana State University and has been on the faculty of the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences since 2009.

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Photo of Lila

Lila Rickenbaugh

Geo-spatial Research Analyst - Graduate
Growing up in Bozeman, Lila headed off to Dartmouth to earn an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Now at MSU, her MSc research integrates geo-spatial analysis of satellite data and stable isotopes to examine when and where irrigation water originates in Montana's snowy mountains.

Lila's role in the GCF is supporting faculty development at MSU. 

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Photo of Niko

Niko Hinz

Geospatial Research Analyst - Undergraduate

Niko is an undergraduate physical geography major. He was born and raised in Bozeman, where he spent a significant amount of his childhood outdoors. In working with both the Geospatial Core Facility and the GeoSWIRL lab on campus, he has been able to apply different geo-spatial analysis techniques to environments which he already enjoys immensely. When he isn’t working or schooling on campus, he likes to skateboard, nordic ski, or ride his bike.

Niko leads the Branch Out Bozeman and SnowCats Rooftop Monitoring projects.   

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Photo of Beth

Beth Nelson

Faculty Affiliate

Beth Nelson is a human geographer in the Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University. Her current research examines migration trends in the Western U.S. and in North Africa. With research experience in France, Algeria, Montserrat, and the U.S., her studies have covered topics ranging from renewable energy in the American Southwest, to immigrant integration in Paris.

Beth implements geo-spatial analysis and mapping into research on migration in the western United States and as a component of teaching undergraduate courses.

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Cascade Tuholske

Cascade Tuholske

Faculty Affiliate

Cascade Tuholske is an Assistant Professor of Human-Environment Geography in the Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University. His research centers on linkages between climate change, urbanization, and food security, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries. To study these linkages, he leverages a broad range of methods, from remote sensing and the development of novel geo-spatial analytical tools to household surveys and interviews. He received his PhD in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2020.

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Photo of Andrew

Andrew Zimmer

Postdoctoral Research Affiliate
Andrew Zimmer is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University. He is a human-environment geographer whose work focuses on the interactions between climate, urbanization, and food security. Much of his work is interdisciplinary in nature, integrating social and environmental data across multiple spatial and temporal domains to gain insight into climate change impacts.