When the COVID-19 emergency reached Montana State University in early March 2020, two main groups were in charge of recommending specific actions for day-to-day operations.

The Incident Command System was in charge of identifying the initial response to the emergency, and the Institutional Response Group was responsible for making the necessary decisions for continuity of operations. Together, these groups addressed institutional priorities, protecting the health, safety and welfare of all campus constituencies.

The main objectives of those groups have been fulfilled as of May 13, 2020, and they will stand down until a future emergency. The following team rosters were current as of April 24, 2020.

Institutional Response Group

  • Waded Cruzado, President
  • Bob Mokwa, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Terry Leist, Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Tracy Ellig, Vice President of Communications
  • Chris Kearns, Vice President of Student Success
  • Jason Carter, Vice President of Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education
  • Jeannette Grey Gilbert, Chief Human Resources Office
  • Mike Trotter, Vice President of IT and Chief Information Officer
  • Kellie Peterson, MSU Legal Counsel

Incident Management System

Members of the Incident Management System team are listed below, along with their areas of oversight.

  • Frank Parrish, Incident Commander
  • Caitlin Kent, Liason
  • Sam Mitchell, Medical Advisor
  • Jim Mitchell, Deputy Incident Commander
  • Kellie Peterson, Legal Counsel
  • Jeannette Grey Gilbert, Human Resources
  • Chris Catlett, Safety Officer
  • Michael Becker, Public Information Officer
  • Hayley Gerow, Administrative Operations, Planning
  • Tamela Eitle, Continuity of Academic Operations
    • Ronda Russell, Admissions
    • Kirk Lubic, Research
  • Tom Stump, Logistics Support Services
    • Duane Morris, Events
    • Jeff Bondy, Housing
    • Rich Huffman, Culinary Services
  • Dan Stevenson, Infrastructure and Safety Logistics
    • John How, Project Management
    • Ryan Brickman, Safety and Risk Management
    • EJ Hook, Facility Services
  • Megan Lasso, Finance
    • Aaron Mitchell, Business Services
    • Leslie Schmidt, Sponsored Programs
    • James Broscheit, Financial Aid
  • Hayley Gerow, Planning/Documentation
    • Frank Parrish, Scenarios
    • Kaelea Atwood, Situation Unit/Intel