Updated 10/10/2023:

We are hiring 1-2 PhD students to work on a NSF-funded project to eco-manufacture recyclable and reusable building materials using microbes and biological processes. Ideally, students will have a background in either Mechanical, Biological, Civil, Environmental engineering, Materials Science, or microbiology. This interdisciplinary training opportunity will involve using engineering, materials science, and microbiology to re-envision how we manufacture building and infrastructure materials. We love that our lab is inclusive, supportive, and diverse. We particularly encourage applications from individuals from underrepresented communities in STEM fields.

We are hiring 1 PhD student to work on a NSF-funded project to control bacterial biomineralization of building materials using mechanosensitive microorganisms. This project combines mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and microbiology. 

Permanent announcements:

Interested in applying to work in the Heveran Lab as a graduate or undergraduate student? Email [email protected] with your cover letter and CV. Thank you!