MSU IoE's Interdisciplinary Research Development Initiatives 2023-2025 

Principal Investigator(s) Project
Dr. Andrew Felton Ecological Implications of Bison Reintroduction in the Northern Great Plains
Dr. Wyatt Cross Toward Balancing Water for Irrigation and River Ecosystems in the Face of the Increasing Climate Uncertainty 
Dr. Adam Sigler, Dr. Mari Eggers, & Dr. Michelle Grocke-Dewey Uncovering and Addressing Environmental Health Risks Associated with Montana Groundwater 

Yellowstone Doctoral Scholars 2023-2024

Scholar Faculty Advisor Project
Michelle Briggs Dr. Christopher Guy Population dynamics of Yellowstone cutthroat trout in Yellowstone Lake
Lou Duloisy Dr. Danielle Ulrich Understanding seasonal differences of physiology of Whitebark pine and Limber pine in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Lisa Keller Dr. Eric Boyd Aquificales bacteria impact on hot springs communities, nutrient cycling, and productivity in Yellowstone National Park hot springs
Riley Logan Dr. Joe Shaw Using optics to assess river water quality through measuring biological characteristics of nuisance algal blooms
Elise Loggers Dr. Andrea Litt Climate change effects on grizzly reproduction and survival in Yellowstone National Park
Maria Rodriguez Dr. Deborah Keil Ecotoxicological impacts of pharmaceutical and illicit drugs entering the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
John Shikany Dr. Brent Peyton Characterizing the colonization of pathogenic free-living amoeba and associated microbial communities in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
John Wendt Dr. Dave McWethy Reconstructing past herbivory and ecosystem dynamics in the Yellowstone Northern Range