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The purpose of the Information Exchange is to build a unified IT Community at MSU by bringing together individual IT expertise (individuals) and resources on campus to accomplish work in support of the MSU mission. 

This will be accomplished by providing a communication platform that supports the network of team resources through:

  • An open exchange of ideas 
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Identification of opportunities for collaboration  
  • Creation of stronger bonds of trust within the IT Community

The result will be that the University will be able to better leverage and align IT resources (individuals and technology) to achieve the mission of Montana State University.  

Participation in the Information Exchange is open to all MSU IT providers.  In addition to face-to face meetings, weekly update sessions will be conducted through WebEx and provide opportunity for any individual to attend remotely.

Expectations of Sessions and Participants 


  • We learn by doing and thus the Information Exchange sessions will evolve through a process of change, assess, then change again. 

  • There is value in face-to-face engagement. Any individual/group "driver of change" will be expected to participate in exchange sessions in person.

  • Time is a resource that can never be recovered once lost, therefore we will be diligent in producing agendas and using timekeeping as a means to ensure time invested in any Information Exchange activity is time well spent.

Participants will:

  • Be additive, not repetitive in comments 
  • Honor the time limits outlined 
  • Participate fully by taking risk and respectfully speaking one's mind
  • Value diversity of ideas presented by being open to others' perspectives 
  • Acknowledge the value of each individual's skills/experiences through active listening
  • Check their titles at the door to encourage engagement by all