Charged by Dean Yves Idzerda to “lead our college in enhancing and sustaining our efforts to strengthen the diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment of the College,” The CLS  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Committee (DEIA) is chaired by the CLS Academic Diversity Partner.  This year’s committee will be focusing on the theme of Access and Success in the Diversity and Inclusion Framework. Our work will be guided by the question “what do we need to implement/continue to do/rethink as a College in order to “recruit, promote the success of, and foster a sense of security and belonging for a diverse student body, faculty and staff,” particularly for those who have traditionally been underserved?” Each of the CLS Departments has been invited to appoint a representative to the CLS DEIA committee. Please feel free to ask any questions or offer any insights to your representative.

Current Committee Members:  

Michelle Miley, (Chair, ADP), Associate Dean of Faculty and College Affairs, Director of Writing Center, Department of English

American Studies – Alex Harmon

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Shadmani Amin

Ecology – Al Zale

English – Alex Harmon

Earth Sciences – Julia Haggerty

History & Philosophy – Bonnie Sheehey

Mathematical Sciences – Ryan Grady

Modern Languages & Literature, Liberal Studies – Bridget Kevane

MSSE - John Graves

Native American Studies – vacant

Physics – Shannon Willoughby

Political Science - Susanne Mueller-Redwood

Psychology - Ian Handley

Sociology & Anthropology – Tomomi Yamaguchi

Have a comment or suggestion, or just want to learn more? Please contact a member of the CLS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Committee.