Permit Indicia

MSU maintains permits for discounted postage rates. Your department can use MSU-Bozeman nonprofit status if MSU is 100% FINANCIALLY AND LEGALLY responsible for the department.  If that is not the case, you can still mail at Standard Mail rates, but the cost is higher than the nonprofit rates.  Being part of MSU does not automatically make you eligible for nonprofit status. To ensure the correct and most cost effective way to utilize bulk mailing options, please consult Bulk Mail Services PRIOR TO PRINTING.

Permit indicia for Nonprofit Standard Mail (200 pieces or 50# or more, restrictions apply)

Permit indicia for regular rate Standard Mail (200 pieces or 50 # or more, restrictions apply) 

Postage Rates

Letters - Nonprofit

Machinable (No Barcode) - AADC .174 / MXD .184

Auto Basic AADC .159 / MXD .172
  5-digit .138

Letters - Standard Rate (NOT Nonprofit)

Machinable - AADC .284 / MXD .299

Auto Basic .295 AADC / MXD .305
  5-digit .259

Flats - Nonprofit


ADC .472 /MXD .507   

  3-digit .416
  5-digit .323


Auto (4 oz. or less)

ADC .430 / MXD .488     
  5-digit .240
  3-digit .365


Mail Piece Design

  • All mail pieces must have an MSU return address.
  • White or light pastel colors of paper are best for readability with black ink.
  • Paper weight and surface finish are critical factors when "direct-imprinting" addresses onto mail pieces. Shiny and rough surfaces do not absorb ink, causing the imprint to smear and rub off. PRIOR TO PRINTING, please check with Bulk Mail or Printing Services on your choice of paper.
  • Do NOT print words or graphics in the "read" area of the mail piece. A template is available from Bulk Mail Services for proper positioning.
  • All self mailers must be tabbed. NO staples. The position of the tabs and the number of tabs vary with weight of paper and the type of fold. NOTE: If you are using one sheet of 20# paper, you MUST do a try-fold (NOT a half-fold). There is now a substantial surcharge if you do not comply with folding standards.
  • To avoid such surcharges and other added expenses, please have all designs checked for accuracy and compliance by Bulk Mail Services BEFORE printing.

Example of Return Address on a Self Mailer (Folded in Thirds)

Business Reply Mail

Business reply mail is the term applied to the pre-printed envelope or card that you provide to your recipients. This allows them to respond to you without paying postage. In turn, you are charged the return postage (plus a fee) for each piece that comes back.

There are specific formats for business reply mail, so approvals is NECESSARY (prior to printing) to meet USPS requirements. Note: Former designs have been discontinued and new "Intelligent Mail Barcodes" are now required. (Again, please check with our staff for compliance standards prior to printing new BR envelopes.)

Bulk mail services has a supply of generic business reply envelopes available for purchase. We can also imprint your banner index number and department name on the envelopes for a fee.

Requirements for Bulk Mailings

  • All material must be printed or copied. No personal or handwritten material may be used.
  • Each piece must have a complete MSU Return Address
    Department Name
    Montana State University
    PO Box 17xxxx
    Bozeman MT 59717-xxxx
  • A minimum of 200 pieces or 50# is required per mailing.
  • All permit 69 imprint mail must be the exact same weight, size, and content.
  • Your mailing list must be CASS certified before using USPS regulations require that any mail sent at discounted postage rates must have the mailing list matched with the USPS database for accurate delivery addresses and verifiable zip codes. Please send your lists to Bulk Mail Services via e-mail ([email protected]). Acceptable formats include dBase, WordPerfect merge file, Delimited, Text, and Excel. All addresses will be run through NCOA (National Change of Address) software and corrections will be made. Addresses that cannot be verified can be extracted and returned to you, upon request. This allows you to review and correct them- helping you maintain a current and accurate mailing list. Addresses that do not comply with addressing standards for bulk mail can still be sent First Class single piece rate. Your mailing list must be certified each time Bulk Mail Services uses that list.
  • Bulk Mail must imprint all addresses onto the material. Pre-addressed pieces are not eligible for bulk mail processing.
  • A work order, completely filled out, must accompany all jobs.
  • Please have all jobs checked for compliance BEFORE PRINTING. This will help prevent problems that could result in higher postage fees and handling charges.
  • Only material pertaining to the business of Montana State University will be accepted and processed by Bulk Mail Services.

Campus Mailings

  • Bulk Mail Services maintains mailing lists for all campus departments and employees. 
  • The basic lists are: (Various combinations of these can also be built.)
    • All Campus
    • Presidents, VP's, Directors, Dept. Heads
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Faculty
    • Classified Employees
    • Professional Employees
    • Off Campus (Home Addresses or Retirees)
    • Classified & Professional
    • Various combinations of these can also be built.
  • All contents must be University business only, no personal material.
  • Mailing lists are not given or sold to non-University contacts.
  • Full size sheets of paper are to be used. Or you can use card stock (no 1/2 or 1/3 sheets to be used).
  • All pieces need to be folded or we can fold it for a fee (preferably in thirds).
  • Mailing addresses are imprinted onto your material and distributed on campus.

Price List

Bulk Mail Services

Label - Direct Imprint $0.03 ea
Minimum $20.00
Label - By Hand (Avery Labels) $0.10 ea
Minimum $50.00
Folding - By Machine $0.05 ea
Minimum $20.00
Folding - By Hand $0.10 ea
Minimum $50.00
Inserting - By Machine $0.05 ea
Minimum 35.00
Inserting - By Hand 0.10 ea
Minimum $50.00
Apply Postage (if permit is not pre-printed)    $0.03 ea
Minimum $20.00
Sealing $0.03 ea
Minimum $20.00
Apply additional information (logo, date, etc.)

$0.02 each
No Minimum

Envelopes (#9 Business Reply) $35.00 / 500
Per piece $0.10
Handling Charge - Automated Letters - Flats $0.04 ea
$0.10 ea
Certify Mailing Lists (Via NCOA) $35.00
De-Duping Charge $20.00
Viewbooks $0.13 ea
Minimum $15.00
Catalogs $0.16 ea
Minimum $15.00

On Campus Mailing Lists

Department Heads, VP, Deans, Directories, President    $25.00
Dept. Secretary $25.00
Please Post $25.00
Faculty $40.00
Classified $40.00
Professional $40.00
All Campus $80.00
Dept. Head/Faculty $45.00

NOTE: Numbers change frequently - please call 994-2673 before printing copies.

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