What is MilTech?

Many students want to know: What exactly does MilTech do?

Simply put, we assist in the development and advancement of technologies to the U.S. Government.

That means you could be working with our Research Team, Tech Scouting, Operations or our Design and Manufacturing Team assisting with engineering samples, process improvements and more.

Our Team

MilTech has a diverse team that is composed of team members from across all industries including engineering, computer science, business, military, medical, telecommunications and more. Our student staff gets the opportunity to learn from these seasoned professionals while working on a variety of projects.

Student Advantages

  • Flexible scheduling that appreciates the demands of school
  • Gain hands-on experience by being involved in the details and completion of projects
  • Year-round schedule (if desired)
  • Learn internal operations within government
  • Networking and connecting with government and government labs
  • Variety of projects and growth opportunities
  • Work with a dynamic team
  • Mentorships

To learn more about opportunities within our Student Staff team, please contact: [email protected]

What Students Say | Testimonials

Our Student Staff is fun, bright and have a variety of interests and goals! We strive to create opportunities for our student team members to encourage them along their career journey. Learn more about what some of our students have to say about working at MilTech!


Tal Rogers

Project Delivery Associate MilTech's Operations Team

MilTech Student
"I really enjoy all of the different projects that we get to work on at MilTech. I am always learning something new and I love the team I get to work with!"
- Tal

Industrial & Management Systems Engineering Major


Macy Fitzgerald

Project Delivery Associate MilTech's Medical Group


MilTech Student
"What I enjoy most about working at MilTech is the variety of projects I get to work on and be a part of."
- Macy

Industrial & Management Systems Engineering Major

Chris Vazquez-Zuniga

Project Delivery Associate MilTech's DHS Team

MilTech Student
"After graduation, I'd like to pursue a career in the renewable energy sector to help develop new technology for a more environmentally sustainable future. The work I've done at MilTech has helped prepare me for that."
- Chris

Industrial & Management Systems Engineering Major


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