Any student majoring or minoring in a language teaching option must achieve Intermediate High on the ACTFL proficiency scale as determined through an Oral Proficiency Interview administered by Language Testing International prior to approval for student teaching. This requirement is in addition to requirements of the Teacher Education Program. For more information on the teaching program, please visit:

The ACTFL test is taken prior to student teaching interviews. If you do not pass this test with at least an Intermediate High, you will not be able to move forward with your language teaching degree.

How to sign up for the Oral Proficiency Interview:

  1. Visit and select the language you are looking to teach. Click “Get Certified”. Select the language again and click “Next”.
  2. Click on “Choose Test” under General Proficiency ACTFL.
  3. Click on “Schedule Test” under ACTFL OPI for $159.00.
  4. Fill out your time zone information, dates and times you are available, and click next. You may need to create an account. Fill out the appropriate information.
  5. Fill out your payment information and click place order.

Once you receive your score, please be sure to deliver or send your documents to the Office of Field Placement & Licensure at:

247 Reid Hall
Montana State University
PO Box 172880
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880