My research focuses on using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study multiphase flow problems and to develop numerical methods to improve simulations of these flows. Multiphase flows occur when a liquid and gas interact and are typically complex, dynamic, and challenging to simulate. But, the importance of multiphase flows to a variety of applications makes studying their properties crucial to improving many devices. For example, the shift of liquid fuels being produced from fossil fuels to more sustainable bio-fuels requires understanding how the difference in fuel properties affects the fuel atomization process, which has a direct effect on pollutant formation.  Numerical simulations provide insight into the phenomena that effect the atomization process and the effect fuel properties have on the resulting spray. By using high fidelity computational fluid dynamics, run on thousands of compute cores, to study such problems we are able to gather a large amount of data that can provide insight into the phenomenological processes of the flow.  The data can be used to develop models, which can be used in the design of devices that interact with multiphase flows.