Refereed Publications

  • Turnquist, B., Owkes, M. (under preparation) ``multiUQ: An intrusive uncertainty quantification tool for gas-liquid multiphase flows", Journal of Computational Physics
  • Krolick, W., Owkes, M. (under preparation) ``Primary Atomization Instability Extraction using Dynamic Mode Decomposition", Atomization and Sprays
  • Owkes, M., Cauble, E., Senecal, J., Currie, R. A. (2018) ``Importance of Curvature Evaluation Scale for Predictive Simulations of Dynamic Gas-Liquid Interfaces'', Journal of Computational Physics, 365, 37-55.
  • Benson, M., Van Poppel, B., Elkins, C, Owkes, M. (2018) “Three Dimensional Velocity and Temperature Field Measurements of Internal and External Turbine Blade Features using Magnetic Resonance Thermometry”, ASME Turbo Expo: Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition, Oslo, Norway.
  • Sheehy, P., Owkes, M. (2017) ``Numerical Study of Electric Reynolds Number of Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Assisted Atomization'', Atomization and Sprays, 27 (7) 645-664.
  • Garrick, D., Owkes, M., Regele, J. (2017) ``A finite-volume HLLC-based scheme for compressible interfacial flows with surface tension'', Journal of Computational Physics, 339 (3) 46-67.
  • Owkes, M., Desjardins, O. (2017) ``A mass and momentum conserving unsplit semi-Lagrangian framework for simulating multiphase flows'', Journal of Computational Physics, 332 (2) 21-46.
  • Owkes, M., Desjardins, O. (2014) ``A mesh-decoupled height function method for computing interface curvature'', Journal of Computational Physics, 281, 285-300.
  • Owkes, M., Desjardins, O. (2014) ``A computational framework for three-dimensional, un-split, geometric transport with applications to the volume-of-fluid (VOF) method'', Journal of Computational Physics, 270 (1) 587-612.
  • Desjardins, O., McCaslin, J.,  Owkes, M., Brady, P., (2013) ``Direct numerical and large-eddy simulation of primary atomization in complex geometries'', Atomization and Sprays, 23 (11) 1001-1048.
  • Owkes, M., Desjardins, O. (2013) ``A discontinuous Galerkin conservative level set scheme for interface capturing in multiphase flows'',  Journal of Computational Physics, 249 (15) 275-302.

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