Graduate Students

Jayaratne photo

Jayesha (Schamali) Jayaratne

Schamali is using rheology and Rheo-NMR to study wormlike micelle solutions and shear banding.

Linn Thrane photo

Linn Thrane

Linn is designing a system to allow the study of supercritical fluid flow in-situ in the MRI spectrometer.

Jeff Simkins photo

Jeff Simkins

Jeff is using fluorine NMR to measure oxygen distribution in biofilms.

Rehab Alkaby

Rehab Al-Kaby

Rehab is studying the dynamics of wormlike micelle solutions with Rheo-NMR.

Mat Skuntz Photo

Matt Skuntz

Matt is using NMR techniques to observe fluid flow through a porous media composed of a phase change material.

Peng Lei

Peng Lei

Peng is conducting an NMR investigation of the microphysical structure of ice-regolith mixtures.

Madison Nelson

Madison Nelson

Madison is using NMR to look at pharmaceutical products in collaboration with Bend Research Inc.

Michael Uthe

Michael Uthe

 Michael is using the low field Rock Core Analyzer to investigate materials of interest to the geological community.

Undergraduate Students

Brenden Pelkie

Brenden Pelkie

Brenden is modelling fluid flow through phase change materials using CFD and NMR techniques.

Kayla Keepseagle lab photo

Kayla Keepseagle

Kayla is working with Jeff Simkins on the development of a non-invasive oximetry method for biofilms.

Mark Young lab photo

Mark Young

Mark is using rheology to study polymer solutions.