Power system resilience is intended to cope with the ability to resist, adapt to, and recover from low probability, high risk extreme events including extreme natural disasters and man-made attacks.

The areas covered by the research are:

1. Resilient and Extreme-Event-Aware Microgrid-Based Distribution System Architecture and Power Management

2- Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognasis 

3- Cyber-physical resilience of power systems

4- Smart Sociotechnical Infrastructure Design of  Connected Communities to improve the resiliency

Related Publications

Resiliency-Oriented Optimization of Critical Parameters in Multi Inverter-Fed Distributed Generation Systems

M. Alali, Z. Shahooei and M. Bahramipanah

Sustainability Journal, 2021

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Intelligent Line Congestion Prognosis in Active Distribution System Using Artificial Neural Network

M. Alali, F. Nazrul Shimim, Z. Shahooei, M. Bahramipanah

Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference North America, 2021.

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A Graph-Theory-Based Clustering Method for Improving Resiliency of Distribution Systems

F. N. Shimim, H. Nehrir, M. Bahramipanah, Z. Shahooei

20th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), Madrid, 2020.

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Resilient and Extreme-Event-Aware Microgrid Using Energy Storage and Load Curtailment

F. N. Shimim, M. Bahramipanah, H. Nehrir

51st North American Power Symposium, Wichita, Kansas, 2019.

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