Three notification processes are used to warn the campus community in the event of an emergency or public safety risk. It is important for everyone to become familiar with each procedure and understand when they are used.

Notification Types:

  • Emergency Notifications: issued when a potential on-going threat (active shooter, earthquake, evacuation, etc.) could cause immediate harm to the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff. Being that these notifications are time sensitive and crucial, they are distributed via a text message alert; voice calls; and emails. Click here for additional Emergency Notification details.
  • Timely Warnings: issued to notify students, faculty, and staff when a serious crime (murder, sex offenses, robbery, etc.) has occurred within the campus jurisdiction and has the potential to be repeated or on-going, in accordance with the Clery Act. These notifications are sent via email. Click here for additional Timely Warning details.
  • Public Safety Advisory: issued to notify students, faculty, and staff of situations that do not pose immediate threat to life safety, but may require awareness to reduce the risk of being victimized (telephone/email scams, fraud, etc.) These notifications are sent via email.