All students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled in MSU Alert and do not need to opt-in.  MSU welcomes all family, friends, visitors, and local community members to opt-in to the system. 

Please view the below content for detailed MSU Alert Opt-In steps. 



Family, Friends, Visitors, and Local Community Opt-In Steps


Step 1:

Open a new text message window on your cell phone. In the “To” section, enter 888-777. Do not include an area code. Only enter 888-777 as depicted below.


Opt In Step One type 888-777 into the "to" or sender name area on a new text message

**  PLEASE BE AWARE: Some cell phone have a spam filter blocking all non 10-digit number. This issue must be corrected on the users end. **



Step 2:

In the message box type “MONTANASTATE”. Please ensure “MONTANASTATE” is all one word. Hit the send button.            

                                                                              Opt In Step Two, type Montana State, all one word into the message box and hit send

** While images depicted are for the iOS Operating System, the same steps are taken to enroll on an Android device. **


Step 3:

Upon successful enrollment, the user will receive a confirmation reply as depicted below.

                                                       Opt In Step Three, subscriber will recieve confirmation email from MSU Alert System


Additional Assistance:


If you require additional assistance regarding MSU Alert, please contact Hayley Tuggle, MSU Emergency Management Coordinator.


Hayley Tuggle

Director of Emergency Management 

University Police

Office: (406) 994-5724

Email: [email protected]