User Management

The NMR facility implements the following policies.

Users of the NMR facility must abide by the following rules and policies:

  • Report all accidents in the NMR room to the facility manager. 
  • Only qualified operators can use the NMR's. Qualified Operators are persons who have received instruction and training from the NMR facility manager.
  • Only high quality NMR tubes should be used. Tubes with chipped or cracked edges constitute a safety hazard and should not be used. Tubes overheated in an oven can be sufficiently out of tolerance as to cause damage to the probes.
  • Important! Report spilled or a broken tube in the NMR immediately. The faster a spilled/broken tube can be removed, the sooner the probe and/or shim stack can be cleaned. High costs are associated along with down time if a probe must be sent out for repair or cleaning.
  • All the instruments have accounting software that maintains a chronological log of instrument use. In addition the systems have paper logbooks. Users are requested to enter their name, research group, start and finish times, nucleus, and temperature if other than ambient temperature was used. If problems are encountered, a description of the problem should be entered in this logbook. It is helpful to NMR personnel to be able to contact persons who have experienced a problem in order to know what needs to be fixed.
  • Users must abide by rules governing NMR instrument time management.

Resource Management

  • Users must abide by the rules concerning time reservations and cancellations.
  • The NMR facility reserves the right to services/access refusal at any time if it deems the actions of the users or research may harm the instrumentation in the facility or others.
  • The NMR facility manager reserves the right to prioritize runs/experiments in the case of time-sensitive services or contracted services.
  • The NMR facility manager reserves the right to refuse NMR services that it deems would/or could not be adequately compensated for by the user.

Intellectual Management

The NMR facility institutes good intellectual management practices. Users who require signed COA (confidentiality agreements) with the NMR facility must accept that all COA agreements must first be pre-approved by the intellectual property office at MSU. User(s) collected data can either be deleted up request or encrypted for security reasons and storage. Without written consent, all users’ data will not be stored past 2 year of collection.