MSU Academic Users 

300/400/500 MHz NMR Facility User–small molecule            Unit Price $15/hr (self-run)*

600 MHz NMR Facility User –Metabolomics                             Unit Price $15/hr (self-run)*

600 MHz NMR Facility User –Metabolomics                             Unit Price $50/sample (facility run)

600 MHz NMR Facility User –Structural Biology                       Unit Price $15/hr peak times $9/hr off peak times                                                                                                                       (self-run)

300 MHz/400 MHz/500 MHz NMR Bundle                                Unit Price $650 (50 hr or 200 1H/19F/11B/32P/13C)                                                                                                                          std. NMR expeiments (self-run)

500 MHz/600 MHz NMR Metabolomics Bundle                       Unit Price $1300 (20 hr or 40 1d-1H-metabolomics                                                                                                                        std. NMR expeiments (self-run)

Additional Time/Runs for NMR Bundle                                      Unit Price $130 (10hr or 40 1H/19F/11B/32P/13C std.                                                                                                                       NMR expeiments (self-run))

Additional NMR Spectrometer Time                                           Unit Price $25/hr (for 13C or 2D-NMR acquisition)

500 MHz/600MHz NMR (facility run)                                          Unit Price $25/sample/1H; $50/sample/13

*(minimum charge $25)

 External Non-MSU Academic Users

External Facility User 500/600MHz NMR                                             Unit Price $35/sample/1H; $50/sample/13

External Facility User 500/600MHz NMR                                             Unit Price $25/hr (off-peak hours)

(External samples are set-up during peak hours and then left to run over-night as needed, $75 set-up charge).


 Off Campus/Industrial Rates (Non-Academic Users)

Off Campus NMR Facility User                                                   $50/sample and/or expt.


 Additional Services

Sample Preparation                                                                       $35/sample

Data Processing and Analysis                                                       $50/hr

LC-MS-SPE-NMR                                                                              $50 setup, $50/hr

NMR Tubes/Solvent/Expendables                                                Unit Price $2

Field-Strength Surcharge*                                                             $10/sample

Consultation Service                                                                       $50/hr

NMR Demonstration and Lecture                                                $100/hr

Training (student)                                                                            $100/student

Training (basic, intermediate, advanced)                                    $30/hr

(Basic NMR knowledge and on-instrument demonstration of setting up basic 1D NMR experiments. Introduction to the TOPSPIN software for NMR data processing; Intermediate NMR experiments. On-site demonstration of setting up 2D NMR experiments e.g. COSY, TOCSY, HMQC, HMBC, HETCOR, NOESY, ROESY experiments; Advanced NMR experiments. On-site demonstration of setting up 3D NMR experiments).

* Surcharge for high field strength experiment. Each NMR is equipped with optimized probes. The 500 MHz BBO probe for X-nuclei. The 600 MHz inverse TCI probe for proton sensitivity. The 300 MHz QNP probe for standard proton, carbon, fluorine and phosphorus low field work. Samples experiments will be run on the most appropriate NMR. However, users may request experiments to be run at the highest field strength and incur an additional surcharge. 


  Contracted Services

Negotiated Project Specific NMR Services are accepted. Pricing is dependent on the total number of samples. General prices are (<100 samples, $50/sample; $25 setup; $70 Processing time (optional for metabolomics samples, 2 hrs/sample at $35/hr).