The Program

The Grab 'N Go Snack Program is a campus-wide extension of the Bounty of the Bridgers Food Pantry designed to make sure hungry students in need are always near a free snack to get them through the day. 

Participating Offices 


Office / Snack Location

American Indian Hall          

American Indian/ Alaska Native Student Success Service, Room 135

Barnard Hall

Center for BioFilm Engineering, Room 366

Culbertson Hall

Health Professions Advising, Room 324

Gaines Hall

University Studies, Room 130

Howard Hall

School of Music Main Office, Room 189

Jabs Hall

Jabs College of Business Office of Student Services, Room 124

Linfield Hall

College of Ag. Student Success Center, Room 106

Montana Hall

The Graduate School, Room 104

Norm Asbjornson Hall             

Empower Center, Room 267

Outdoor Recreation

1401 W. Lincoln St.

Plant BioScience

Plant BioScience, Room 119

Reid Hall

EHHD Dean's office, Room 250

Strand Union Building

Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success, Room 177

Wilson Hall

CLS Advising Office, Room 1-106