Family Assistance

MSU's Alcohol and Drug Assistance Center offers limited family counseling and referral. Our Licensed Counselor will meet and consult with family or friends of students on a limited basis in order to discuss options and offer support. We can also offer possible treatment referrals.

Intervention Process

The Insight program is a three level alcohol\drug intervention process open to all MSU students either by self-referral or by referral from MSU offices or staff.

Level I Focus Seminar
The Focus Seminar is a 2-time educational group run by graduate student facilitators, designed to be interactive and informational. During the two 2-hour classes, skill-based educational components are used to help participants minimize the risks associated with substance use. Seminar participants are offered further information about support groups, therapy groups and individual counseling. The cost of attendance is free for self-referrals or will cost $125 for mandatory referrals.

BASICS is an acronym for Brief Alcohol Screening and Interventions for College Students. This is an evidence-based program utilizing a motivational interviewing style to increase students own interest in reducing the harm and negative consequences associated with substance abuse. This 2-hour program includes the following:

  • Completion of written alcohol/drug assessments
  • A 1-hour interview to gather data, followed by a 1-hour personalized feedback with a trained professional
  • A personalized feedback sheet, including information on blood alcohol concentration, social norms and risk factors associated with alcohol and other drug use.

BASICS is also free for self-referral; a fee of $150 will be charged for mandatory participation due to a campus policy violation or court referral.

Level III Intervention and Referral
At Level III, students are referred to Cedar Creek Integrative Care to complete the ACT Program entirely and to comply with the recommendations of the assessment. 

Individual Assistance

Montana State University employs a full-time licensed counselor to work specifically with substance abuse issues (this individual is a licensed clinical counselor, as well as a licensed addiction counselor). If students have paid the health service fee, they can make an appointment at no additional charge.

In addition to the licensed counselor, the Insight office staff includes an MIP Case Coordinator (also a licensed counselor) and student employees. Student facilitators conduct the Level I Focus Seminars; the counselor conducts the BASICS program.