Contact Us: 406-994-5937 or [email protected]

Where We Are: 1106 S. 6th Ave.


The Insight/MIP (Minor in Possession) program is a three-level alcohol & drug assistance and intervention program open to all MSU students, either by self-referral or by referral from MSU offices, departments or the local court system. 

MSU is dedicated to providing a voluntary, confidential resource to assist all students who are impacted directly or indirectly by Chemical abuse. Confidentiality is assured in all student issues. The office provides referral, pre-assessment support, which promotes the legal, healthy and low-risk use of alcohol and the non-use of illicit drugs.

The center:

  • Promotes and supports alternative student programs and activities
  • Offers referral assistance to students and their friends who have alcohol and other drug use issues.
  • Offers workshops, seminars and training.
  • Gives support to friends and family who are affected by someone else's substance use/abuse.
  • Supports other MSU offices, faculty and staff in issues relating to alcohol/drugs.
  • Provides factual information and dispels myths about alcohol and other drugs.
  • Disseminates information on local treatment and recovery program options.
  • Provides information, support and referral for those students affected by behavioral compulsions and for students who are/were affected by chemical abuse within a family.
  • We offer AA and MA Groups.