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Are you ready to change your life?

                  Koru Mindfulness is the only evidence-based mindfulness curriculum                designed for college-aged adults.

                 In three weeks, students learn practical skills that help them manage stress and open their minds.

               Koru’s randomized, controlled trial shows results that include :

 > Students reported feeling more calm

 > Students improved their mindfulness

 > Students felt more rested

 > Students had greater self-compassion

Join the growing Koru community of >10,000 students at over 100 institutions!

Interested? Click here to Visit the KORU Mindfulness website to learn more!

Please contact us if you are interested in taking a Koru Course in Spring 2022 or if you would like to set up a course for your student group!

                                                All Classes and Course Materials Are FREE!                                                                   This includes Course Book Access and Lifetime Koru App Access!

     For more information about KORU Mindfulness Training offered here at MSU :                                      Call or email us at MSU UHP Office of Health Advancement                             406-994-7287 or [email protected]