The above map describes the areas around Montana State University where tobacco use is permitted. The area contains the majority of the perimeter surrounding campus. Starting at the corner of Kagy Avenue and 11th Avenue it can be traced north on 11th, west on Lincoln Street, north on 19th Avenue, east on College Street, south on 8th Avenue, east on Harrison Street, south on 6th Avenue, east on Grant Street, south on 3rd Avenue, and west on Kagy Avenue until it intersects 7th Avenue.

Download the Tobacco Perimeter Map (PDF)

A Friendly Reminder From The MSU Campus and the Office of Health Advancement:

Tobacco use is only permitted along the sidewalks. Individuals are asked to stay on the campus side of the street to respect neighboring properties.

Please use the cigarette butt receptacles located along the sidewalk.

If you would like to pick up a free personal litter device please call the OHA office at 994-4380.

The 'We're tobacco free' image for the Office of Health Advancement at MSU. 'WTF' over the state of Montana.