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The OneMSU Network is a partnership between Gallatin College MSU in Bozeman, City College at MSU Billings, and Great Falls College MSU with a mission of providing distance-learning education to students across Montana. Thanks to the OneMSU Network, you can get a two-year degree while staying connected to your family, friends and community.



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The OneMSU Network offers two-year degrees and one-year certificates in a variety of health care fields, with many more degree options to come in health care and beyond. The outlook is looking bright for students with health care degrees. Due to increasing needs for professionals in these fields, more and more jobs are expected to open in the healthcare sector each year. 

However, you may feel the potential of a health care career is out of reach. You may have obligations at home, making relocating for college unfeasible, or your local college might not offer a degree in your chosen field. 

But geography doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting an education. Thanks to OneMSU, you can take your prerequisites at any OneMSU college, regardless of whether your degree program is located in Billings, Bozeman, or Great Falls. Once you apply and are accepted to your program of choice, you can take classes from your program through distance learning and only have to travel for hands-on training, such as for labs and clinicals.

By joining the OneMSU Network, you can:

  • Take prerequisites locally at your nearest OneMSU Network college.
  • Take classes remotely from your degree program.
  • Enroll in labs, clinicals or other hands-on training at sites throughout the state.
  • Get an education, regardless of where you live.

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Step 1: Choose a OneMSU degree program.

Step 2: Take prerequisites from Gallatin College MSU in Bozeman, City College at MSU Billings, or Great Falls College MSU.

Step 3: Apply for a spot in your desired OneMSU degree program.

Step 4: Take classes remotely and get in-person training at a site convenient for you.

Step 5: Get your degree!

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