export control activities

Montana State University's Export Control Program supports the University's commitment to comply with U.S. laws and regulations applicable to export controls, sanctions, and industrial security.

Contact Information 

Quinton King
Export Control Officer
[email protected]
(406) 994-7795


When might my university activities be subject to export and sanction regulations?

  • I intend to host a foreign visitor at Montana State University

  • I intend to travel outside of the United States.

  • I intend to ship or carry items outside of the United States

  • I intend to have foreign nationals participate in research activities

  • I want to participate in an international collaboration

  • I intend to accept restrictions on publication, foreign national participation, or involve proprietary information in my activity

  • My activity will involve military, intelligence, space, encryption software, or nuclear related information, technical data, equipment, or software.

 If an activity involves any of the above, you must contact the Export Control Officer, Quinton King, [email protected], (406) 994-7795 for an export and sanctions regulations assessment.